We are located in the south eastern corner of Sicily

So near to Africa that the flavors jump out through the architecture and the vegetation: vineyards and olive, almond, and carob groves. This beautiful climate abounds with beautiful hues of red, yellow and ochre.

This land is ancient. Scratch the surface just a few centimeters and history leaps out: everything from ancient Greek coins to early Italian pottery.
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Amphorae, terracotta jars, have been used to make wine forever. Recently, as with many things, the older ways have been forgotten.

Pithos is special because it is exclusively fermented and aged in these amphorae. We are better able to apreciate the aspects of vineyard and variety in these wines, that are born and grow inside this simple and humble material.
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Our wines tell our story and that of our land

COS’s voyage began in 1980.

The past twenty-five years have consisted of passionate work. We have chosen the best soil, the best plants, and the best grape varieties. If you listen to nature and respect it, the wine becomes a mirror of the land and of your soul.

This will never happen if we do not accept the idea that wine must be an expression of the land, vineyard, and culture.
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